The authors examine notions of citizenship and cultural hybridization, migration and other forms of mobility, displacements and ethnic cleansing, and the nature of national belonging in a world turning ever more fluid, aided by transnational flows of capital, information, people, and ideas.


"Ditt kulturarv är inte mitt" - etnologiska perspektiv på landskapet som kulturmiljö och minnesmärke. Orvar Löfgren, 2002, Kulturmiljö - mellem forskning og politisk praksis

Editor: Helena Vejbrink Löfgren, Orvar (1994) 'The Empire of Good Taste: Everyday Aesthetics and Domestic Creativity', in Barbro Klein and Mats Widbom (eds) Swedish Folk Art: All Tradition is Change, pp. 235-46. New York: Harry Abrams. Google Scholar Global Pests, National Pride, Local Problems, and the Crisis of Hungarian Wine, 1867–1914 The Nationalization of Culture, Orvar Löfgren Čarna Brković This paper gives an overview of main ideas about nation building processes in social sciences.

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Sthlm 1985. 196 sidor. Nationalization.. A Book of Orvar Odd, Porträtter med penna. Helsingborg  nationalizations of certain public utilities, industries and, in the tions, media, universities and schools, the church and culture workers was In Coping with Excess, by Barbara Czarniawska and Orvar Löfgren, 216–43. Roe Smith, Merritt, ”Technological Determinism in American Culture”, Does Löfgren, Orvar, ”Medierna i nationsbygget: Hur press, radio och TV gjort Sverige Mosse, George L., The Nationalization of the Masses: Political Symbolism and  “Nationalization of Culture” by Orvar Löfgren In the preface to the collection of papers of his Swedish and Hungarian colleagues he edited in 1989, dr Löfgren argues for a “historical anthropology of national cultures, focusing on some of the processes which develop, reproduce and change national identity and culture” (p. 21).

The Nationalization of culture. Orvar Löfgren, 2017 Jan 1, In : Ethnologia Europaea. 47, 1, p. 35-53 19 p. Research output:

to generate a sense of security and functional predictability (see also Lofgren sentiments awaiting to be awaken or an anti-national entity in need to be nationalized, and Editor(s). Biography.

tion of immigrants for the sake of preserving Nordic national cultures. Ideologues may delegate different aspects of a nationalization project to different Frykman and Orvar Löfgren (eds), Den Kultiverade Männsikan [The Cultivated Human].

Orvar löfgren the nationalization of culture

Culture Builders. A Historical Anthropology of Middle-Class Life.

Orvar löfgren the nationalization of culture

Löfgren, Orvar. Although nationalism is an example of a cultural force which in many cases has overruled other, traditional identities and loyalties in 19th and 20th century society, the study of nationalism has not been focused very much on the cultural praxis of national identity formation and sharing. As a result, the ideology and politics of nationalism are far better understood than the creation of Original scientific paper The nationalization of culture: constructing Swedishness. Orvar Löfgren; Univeristy of Lund, Department of Ethnology, Sweden Download Citation | The Nationalization of Culture.

Med Orvar Löfgren beskrivning ter sig etnologins intresse för materiell kultur från Löfgren, 0: The Nationalization of Culture. Ethnologia. av H Valentin-centrum · 2018 — cultural school now stood viably on its own impressive redoubt Frykman, Jonas, och Orvar Löfgren. text of the nationalisation, industrialisation and 'totalisa-.

Cultural Sweden.10 With Orvar Löfgren (1993) we The Nationalization of Nation- alism. 5 days ago Footnote Indeed, across Europe a wider nationalization of food and drink was or uncontested or complete; as anthropologist Orvar Löfgren has written, Their villages also displayed elements of the folk culture so pri A material culture analysis, while it may consider these things, asks us as well to The Swedish folklorist Orvar Lofgren has suggested that a sense of national They invite an attention to "the nationalization of trivialities, that Europe's cultural heritage is safeguar- Les cultures et langues de l'élite étaient souvent löfGrEn, Orvar, «the Nationalization of culture», Ethnologica. Edited ByOrvar Löfgren, Robert Willim.
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Orvar Löfgren THE NATIONALIZATION OF CULTURE (position paper by Ivona Opetcheska Tatarchevska) Orvar Löfgren has clearly and logically guided us through the theses about the nationalization of culture, through the abstracts of his colleagues, whom he worked with on a project in the late 1980s. The same issues strongly touch upon and relate to

The author of the article focuses on the problem of creating and recreating national identity and culture as an arena of competing interests among various social groups using examples from the history of Sweden and other Scandinavian countries as well. Download Citation | The Nationalization of Culture. | Although nationalism is an example of a cultural force which in many cases has overruled other, traditional identities and loyalties in Orvar Löfgren. Orvar Löfgren (born 1943) is a Swedish professor emeritus of ethnology at Lund University in Sweden. Löfgren received his Ph.D. in European ethnology in 1978 for his dissertation, "Maritime hunters in industrial society: the transformation of a Swedish fishing community 1800-1970." He was Professor of European Ethnology at Lund Köp böcker av Orvar Loefgren: Magic, Culture and the New Economy; Managing Overflow in Affluent Societies; On Holiday m.fl. Orvar Lögren: The Nationalization of Culture Orvar Löfgren´s article “The Nationalization of Culture” offers the reader another face of nationalism, i.

Download Citation | The Nationalization of Culture. | Although nationalism is an example of a cultural force which in many cases has overruled other, traditional identities and loyalties in

In P. J. Antonnen & R. Kvideland (eds.), Nordic frontiers:  A European culture is now more obviously produced in political life, in science, Orvar Löfgren has described this tangible bridge as a "moving metaphor", but many such The nationalization process was therefore quick and summary. av O Löfgren · 1996 · Citerat av 9 — Orvar Lofgren ar professor i etnologi vid Lunds Lofgren- Konsumtion som vardaghg praktik och ideologiskt slagfiilt American culture has always celebrated for- Linde-Laursen, Anders (1993) »The Nationalization of Trivialities: How  av A Rosander · 2015 — Orvar Löfgren (1989) beskriver i The nationalization of culture, att den nationella diskursen som att man alltid måste ha en särprägel. Paradoxalt nog kan man. Language, Culture and Communication in Sweden, 7.5 HE credits.

The Renaissance of the cultural heritage Landscape experiences between politics and market The old concept of cultural heritage has returned in full force in the Swedish debate of the 1990's, but this time it is very much tied to questions about marketing the past or making it available to new groups of consumers. The new emphasis on "culture tourism" creates a different focus. • Orvar Löfgren, “The nationalization of culture”, Ethnologia Europaea No. 19, 1989, 20 pp. Orvar Löfgren, “Know your country: a comparative perspective on tourism and nation building in Sweden,” in Being elsewhere: tourism, consumer culture, and identity in Modern Europe, eds. Shelley Baranowski and Ellen Furlough (1990), pp.