I found the bolts have to work to fully seat the spindle assembly flush with deck. Meaning they required a tightening of bolts without the nuts. That adds some torque as well which would make my housing nut torque setting inaccurate using a torque wrench. This could be a good opportunity to develop a ability to judge torque using the hand method.


Was checking my brake linings today. Do you gentlemen know what torque settings to use on the wheel lug nuts and on the axle nut that holds 

Torque Rating for Spindle Nut on Trailer Hubs Question: May I have the info on what the torque specs are for a 10,000 pound dual axle gooseneck trailer , I am changing out the rotors and brake pads and bearings, its a 40foot with ramps, Dexter hub. a double nut or jam nut system, bend the lock tab or install the set screw after the outer nut is torqued to 200 ft-lbs. For one-piece spindle nut systems, torque the nut to a minimum of 300 ft-lbs. Do not back off the spindle nut.

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1996-99. Front. 190. 258. Ford. Taurus.

TIKROUND Original Youngtown 12888SMC High Torque I Shaft Clock Inch Total Shaft Length Tools & Home Improvement Clock Movements, 1 X Brass nut, 

For model DFL302F. 360°.

Outer Spindle Nut torque. « on: January 29, 2017, 10:31:16 PM ». Guys Converted my 84 K2500 to Manual Warn hubs. I have always tightened my outer spindle 

Spindle nut torque

Abrasive wheel kickback or torque reaction during start-up. The operator can  1. 6002764. 20. TORQUE SELECTOR BODY / CORPS DU VARIATEUR DE COUPLE / 106 NUT / ECROU / MUTTER / TUERCA / DADO. 2. 6900212 SPINDLE SHAFT / ARBRE MANDRIN / SPINDELWELLE / ARBOL MANDRIL / ALBERO.

Spindle nut torque

1. 8995690101. Balancing Screw Kit. 21.
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Lubricate the wheel bearing with clean lubricant of the same type used in the axle sump or hub assembly. STEP 2. Initial Adjusting. Nut Torque: Tighten the  e. Use a hammer and staking tool to stake the stake washer to the spindle nut in three positions.

tool and The operator can control torque reactions or kick- that the spindle cannot revolve, then use the lock nut.
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OEM and bearing manufacturers always recommend using a torque wrench for installation. During removal, an impact wrench can damage the axle nut threads and shock the CV joints. It can also create a false sense of security when adjusting a nut or bolt, which may be under or over torqued. This can leave a hub assembly susceptible to failure.

However, I am not able to find torque spec to the nut for the front spindle.

3 Aug 2010 Really quick can someone tell me what the torque spec is for the castle nut that holds the hub on the spindle? This is the front brake rotor/hub 

Spin the wheel at least one full rotation. (2)Tighten the nut to 200 ft-lbs.

8-2. Shaft lock. 9-1. Lock nut. 9-2. The operator can control torque reactions or kickback forces, if  Torque brace right rear, 245 SEK. Torque brace left Wheel nut / Bolt / Kit, 18 SEK. Wheel nut / Bolt / Kit Wheel bearing spindle shaft right rear, 1.500 SEK. LEADWELL uses only premium quality preloaded double-nut ball screws. The heavy-duty spindle utilizes FAG, NSK or SKF bearings to allow  torque.